Pizza, Open until 11:30 pm, 45 mins wait
Unit 18, Ballymena, BT42 1FL

Recent reviews of Big Bears Pizza Shack

Nina G
a week ago
Just was dissapointed in the late arrival and food was cold.. looked advertising though if it had been warm and on time.
Meal for One - Tuesday to Thursday Only
Choice of Kebab Meat with Wedges, Side Salad and Dip
Rod R
7 weeks ago
Chicken Goujons, Chips, Dip and Salad
Chips were poor
Any 2 Medium Pizzas
2 Litre Bottle
Needed to be colder
Mervyn M
3 months ago
The Grizzly Pizza
French Fries
Garlic Bread (4 Slices) - No Cheese
Laura M
4 months ago
The Grizzly Pizza
Garlic Bread with Cheese and Pepperoni
Garlic Mayo Dip
Big Bear House Dip
Jeannie S
4 months ago
Asked for Base to be cooked well done and it wasn't so not as nice as usual
Kerryann S
5 months ago
Lisa P
6 months ago
Any 2 Medium Pizzas
7 months ago
Any 2 Medium Pizzas
Spicy Wedges with Cheese and Smokey Bacon and Dip
Caitlin K
7 months ago
The Grizzly Pizza
Sweet Potato Fries
Traci D
9 months ago
I ordered jerk chicken, pizza came covered in jerk spice, rang to complain and a man answered the phone, who then hung up on me.... Now with staff that can not make a pizza and read an order sheet then hang up the phone when they have made a mistake, then that's its. Pushed me to far this time and I'll not be back and will not recommend to anyone
Any 2 Large Pizzas

Overall rating: 84%


More about Big Bears Pizza Shack

Big Bears Pizza Shack offers exactly what it says! Good wholesome pizzas to satisfy everyone's appetite. Big Bears Pizza Shack is situated in Fenaghy Road, Ballymena BT42 district and has a vast delivery area of 5 miles. They have a minimum order value of £6.00 with a small delivery charge to your home. You will certainly eat in style with the generous portions and a wonderful selection of pizzas. Their cooking methods remain traditional in a stone oven, which requires excellent timing as not to spoil the fresh ingredients.

Big Bears Pizza Shack are outstanding with customer service and expertise. If you enjoy pizza (and other dishes of course!), please give Big Bears Pizza Shack a try - you will certainly be back for more!!