Chinese, Opens at 5:00pm, 90 mins wait
186 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, CF14 3NB

Recent reviews of Great China

John G
4 weeks ago
First order from here and very impressed , will be going back for more!
39. Egg Fried Rice
as expected
53. Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter
lovely batter and sauce
58. Chicken with Pineapple
unfortunately don't like peppers and quite a few in this dish
150. Mushroom Foo Yung
best foo yung I have tasted
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
everyone who had this dish seemed to enjoy it.
42. Chicken with Noodles
As expected, very tasty
61. Shredded Chicken with Salt and Chilli
tasty but with an after kick!
158. Poppadom
Tracy C
8 months ago
Good food just took too long to arrive!
Claire M
8 months ago
2.5 hours late so far, a pathetic 'excuse' of 'its monday, driver says another 45 minute'... And I'm still hungry! And I paid up front like an idiot! Jerks
Matthew P
11 months ago
Food nearly 2.5 hours late after repeated telephone calls from me to confirm order status. No apology offered during or after the whole process. Being a restaurant also, you would expect some form of courtesy compensation (couple bottles of Chinese beers, etc.)- but not a jot!! This is the second such occasion of very late delivery with the same end. I have been a loyal orderer over many years-but this is the end of the road.
Laxmi A
a year ago
Rob W
a year ago
22. Prawn Cracker
14. Duck Spring Rolls (5)
39. Egg Fried Rice
62. Lemon Chicken
71. Sze-chuan Beef
Claire M
a year ago
Food is adequate, no major complaints. However after ordering and waiting 30 mins after due time I called only to be laughed at and told it would be another 30 mins. Two hour wait for food midweek doesn't inspire confidence.
3. Crispy Seaweed
Jez E
a year ago
Food in general was ok. Chips were horrible. Order arrived half an hour late and when i rang to find out more, i was told that thats the usual for a fri/sat and was hung up on.
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
54. Sweet & Sour Chicken in Cantonese
159. Chips
39. Egg Fried Rice
Rachel S
a year ago
149. Chicken Foo Yung
3. Crispy Seaweed
5. Prawn Toast with Sesame
10. Finger Size Spring Rolls (8)
39. Egg Fried Rice
112. Garlic Lamb
138. Beef Curry
44. King Prawn with Noodles
124. House Special Chop Suey
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
22. Prawn Cracker
Rachel R
a year ago
10. Finger Size Spring Rolls (8)
39. Egg Fried Rice
56. Sze-chuan Chicken
92. Sliced Duck with Ginger & Spring Onions

Overall rating: 73%


More about Great China

Great China is a fantastic Chinese restaurant & takeaway in Heath, CF14 in Cardiff. It is the first authentic Chinese cuisine establishment in Wales. It offers delicious Chinese takeaway food at very good prices and has a home delivery service. You can order your Chinese food online now and you can also pay online to make the ordering process completely hassle-free.