Chinese, Opens at 5:00pm, 90 mins wait
186 Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, CF14 3NB

Recent reviews of Great China

Rob R
3 months ago
Harry D
6 months ago
118. Chicken Chop Suey
37a. Vegetable Fried Rice
Sion D
7 months ago
Driver was excellent. My fault did not notify establishment of my change of address, but still delivered to new address on time and very polite.
38. Boiled Rice
68. Beef with Chilli & Black Bean Sauce
115a. Lamb with Chilli and Black Bean Sauce
15. Barbecue Spare Ribs
Clare B
9 months ago
Food tured up late. Driver, who apparently was the boss, gave our food to another house! AND thought it was funny!!!!!!! This is the 3rd time our food has been late but to not receieve our food.....!!!!! We won't be using them again! Two hours after originally ordering we were ringing another chinese and collected it 15mins later. Terrible service.....what a shame!!!!!!!!
Roxanne B
9 months ago
79. Crispy Shredded Beef
103a. King Prawn with Pineapple
160. Sweet & Sour Sauce
39. Egg Fried Rice
159. Chips
Matthew P
10 months ago
6. Lettuce Wraps with Minced Meat
Good leaves!
39. Egg Fried Rice
46. Singapore Vermicelli
53. Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter
Really fresh, soft batter
100. King Prawn with Beansprouts
1st time ordered-pleasantly surprised!
Mark B
11 months ago
Please take what i have put about food as my choice only ..others may have different taste to me and different opinion.....Great food and great service thank you ...
22. Prawn Cracker
plastic bags make them sweat and go soggy
31. Yung Chow Fried Rice
excellent all round good mixture
39. Egg Fried Rice
nice but flavour missing ....or seasoning
53. Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter
all good
159. Chips
most of them were hard ...undercooked.
161. Curry Sauce
52. Plain Noodles
soy and sesame added by ourselves as none on them
9. Large Pancake Roll
really nice fresh taste
15. Barbecue Spare Ribs
nice meat more meat than bone which was great
Leanne R
a year ago
Really nice, would definitely order again
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
15. Barbecue Spare Ribs
30. House Special Fried Rice with Slice of Meat
159. Chips
161. Curry Sauce
Leanne R
a year ago
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
15. Barbecue Spare Ribs
30. House Special Fried Rice with Slice of Meat
159. Chips
161. Curry Sauce
John G
a year ago
First order from here and very impressed , will be going back for more!
39. Egg Fried Rice
as expected
53. Sweet & Sour Chicken in Batter
lovely batter and sauce
58. Chicken with Pineapple
unfortunately don't like peppers and quite a few in this dish
150. Mushroom Foo Yung
best foo yung I have tasted
2. Crispy Aromatic Duck
everyone who had this dish seemed to enjoy it.
42. Chicken with Noodles
As expected, very tasty
61. Shredded Chicken with Salt and Chilli
tasty but with an after kick!
158. Poppadom

Overall rating: 73%


More about Great China

Great China is a fantastic Chinese restaurant & takeaway in Heath, CF14 in Cardiff. It is the first authentic Chinese cuisine establishment in Wales. It offers delicious Chinese takeaway food at very good prices and has a home delivery service. You can order your Chinese food online now and you can also pay online to make the ordering process completely hassle-free.